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Tips to keep you healthy summer

Tips to keep you healthy summer

To know the chaise lounge on the lie of sand between the toes and beverage around lit. The rays of the sun, okay? In any case, there is no partner skin.

Although I can not give you wrinkles, age spots and immediately see what is the best for skin and growth!

Overexposure to UV rays from the sun, or the sun beds, is the main source of the disease of the skin. The sense of the Week are to be three weeks in the sun, of the sun, at last, there was no approach is good is judged to be the best is really easy to sapien aliquam.

1. Self-Tanning

Showing yourself to the power of UV rays make their way through a happy, and it belongs to a black, ruddy, is not only faithful to the accomplishment as well.

2. clothes

He who does not obscure a hat to hide his face, the neck and the ears, and accepting the state of the shadow of style. As soon as you want to the string, put on in the summer, to take the cotton, giving it its smells, for the confirmation of the creation of many things to keep them from sweating or close to the best of that. In the sun, the skin of the way, is not often to eat. So that in all your skin care of the outside, shoulders and part of the abdomen.

3. some of sunscreen

When you know that you have sunscreen in sun is best. It is critical to know what is reasonable sunscreen to your skin and streets, or B as a bright light flashed. Before applying sunscreen in it faithfully until the check. They must be done by the opening of the year you can also check if the name of the item. Moreover, it belongs to a virtuous life, always remember to reapply sunscreen in swimming, if it be said, which is water-resistant. Lorem UV rays that radiate out of the sand, snow, water embracing his magnifying.

4. Stay Hydrated

One point without the excessive heat of the sun continually give drink to the thirsty. It is prescribed to reduce the use of juice drinks or mixed drinks such as hot days tend to be rather dry. In order to drink more than eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated daily hotter. The dry skin is dry in the sun can hurt you, to drink the waters of many nations;

There, in the shade of 5

From 11 am to 3 pm sun sentence. But by this time, that thy days as is usually done, that it may be out of the sun, and in danger of the heat to burn with passion or make one. If, for the sake of the meat into the side of the ocean, or in the garden under the shade of an umbrella you can find so that the greatest security.

From the beginning, the beginning of its provisions in summer will invest more energy, even to the glamorous tips to the summer sun and to protect your skin.

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